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The American Bariatrics Store will be closing May 1st.

We'll be merging with Bariatric Food Source (www.BariatricFoodSource.com). The rising cost of the high-quality proteins that are used in our products are constantly driving our prices up. The merge with Bariatric Food Source will prevent both stores from raising prices.

Bariatric Food Source carries the same products as we do with the same low prices. To make the move better for you, we are offering a 10% OFF coupon for your first order at Bariatric Food Source. At checkout, use coupon code

Customer Information will not be saved, so if you have an account here, you will need to make a new account at Bariatric Food Source. If you have any questions, please email us at

Chocolate Chip Cookie Healthwise Biscotti
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Our Price: $11.95 - per 7 serving box
Biscotti - Chocolate Chip
Our Price: $11.95 - per 33 serving bag
ShapeWise Flavored Chews ChocoRite Protein Shake Powder
ShapeWise Flavored Chews (CLA) - Lemon
Our Price: $11.50 - per 28 serving bag
ChocoRite Shake - Banana
Our Price: $15.95 - per 11 serving package
Healthwise Biscotti Double Snack Bites
Biscotti - Almond Chip
Our Price: $11.95 - per 33 serving bag
Double Potato Bites - Cheddar Cheese
Our Price: $1.70 - per serving

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New Products!

Herbal Balance Gold XTRM
Our Price: $139.00 - per 45 serving bottle
ProtiDiet Chocolate Dream Protein Bar
Our Price: $11.95 - per 7 serving box
Chocolite Sugar-Free Protein Bars
Our Price: $16.00 - per bar
Healthsmart Chocolite Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars
Our Price: $16.00 - per 2 serving package
Control Snacks Protein Bars
Our Price: $26.00 - per bar